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tv   Helen Thorpe on Soldier Girls  CSPAN  May 10, 2015 3:39pm-3:44pm EDT

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eastern, critical hoyt of the socialist party of america. on "after words" at 9:00 p.m. a report on sexual assault in the united states in conversation with katy baker non reporter for buzz feed news. and at 10:00 an done witness dithe first female four-star general remembers her military contrary and our primetime programming includes steven wipeberg's look at the -- wineberg's look at the history of modern science tonight an c-span 2's booktv. >> one of the thinks i love about these three women is how different they are from one another, and it's a little startling. in fact, maybe they would never have been friend except for the fact they deployed together. michelle is the youngest of the three women and is very unusual i think as a soldier in that
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she describes herself as a left-leaning, spot smoking hippie to me. so she was 18 when she enlisted. the spring of 2001. all she wanted was college tuition, and she was certain she never wanted to be a soldier but the south she would join the national guard and be a part ymca soldier just for that college tuition benefit economy was sure she would never good to war because she knew the national guard just did not deploy. she felt quite sure of that. and then of course, when she was in training, 9/11 happened, and she did understand right away that maybe the commitment she had made was going to be much bigger than what she had been envisioning. when she goes overseas in afghanistan, she becomes very close to two other women and their political beliefs are in some cases the opposite of hers. so when in the fall before
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michelle enlisted, back in 2000 she voted for not al gore, and not george bush, but ralph nader. and so she is pretty sure nobody else in her guard unit who was a nader supporter like she was. a woman she is sharing a tent with who became her best friend during the deployment, she had voted for bush in that election, and then during the daytime michelle is working with the -- an older woman the oldest woman in their national guard unit, debbie helton. debbie didn't vote in the election at ball because she doesn't trust politicians and doesn't want to have anything to do with politics whatsoever. so yet another point of view that is very different than michelle's. debbie was not originally chosen to go on the deployment, and she was terribly upset. michelle would have done anything not to go.
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but debbie argued her way on to the deployment because her father had been in the army, she always wanted to serve her country overseas. to her it was the most fulfilling moment of her life, when they said, yes you may go on this deployment. she worked as the buie particulars-door beautician at a beauty salon and the she found put only the uniform and serving her country far more exciting and fulfilling and closer to her dream, really, than the book she was doing in the beauty salon. so even when it came to the question of how did they feel about going on deployment, or did they support the war or not these women were on totally different sides in terms of their feelings. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> here's a look at books that are being published this week in
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reagan historian hd brands looks at the life and legacy of our 40th president. former cia deputy director michael morrell examines the cia's role in the fight against terrorism in "the great war of our time." in "the quartet" overellis recounts the leadup to the constitutional convention and the signing of the bill of rights. fox news contributor christopher steppowers argues growing intolerance from the political left is harmful to free speech. and also being released this week former "new york times" correspondent looks at the causes of revolutions in "wages of rebellion. "in" by the people "murray calls for civil disobedience. and


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